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What The Tidy Moose Does

Ivanka not only shares the knowledge and skills of organizing but also helps her clients identify what he or she values in life, through the process of organizing and decluttering.


The Tidy Moose conducts private organizing sessions for both individual and group clients: Homes, offices, businesses, & schools. 


Ivanka coaches and supports the client(s) to completely organize their space, creating his or her ideal oasis, while being fully aware that organizing one’s space is a very personal issue.


What is a client’s ideal space? When considered at the deepest level, it translates into, “How does one want to live his or her life?” In understanding the true desires of the client, Ivanka is a partner in the process of achieving this ideal by using the several different methods catering to the client's needs, including her own Moose Method for Children, minimalism, and the KonMari Method of organization (under which she is fully certified).


Let's organize our lives one space at a time!

Some areas you may need help with:
  • Homes  

    • Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, etc.​

    • Garages

    • Children's Spaces

  • Offices

    • Corporate​ Office Organization

    • Home Office

    • Lunch & Learn Workshops

  • Schools

    • Classroom Organization​

    • Children's Presentation (in class, how to)

    • PD Day Teacher Sessions

  • Moving 

    • Decluttering before the move​

    • Home Staging to sell your home

    • Organizing your new space

Interested in the KonMari ™ Method? 

To be fully successful with the KonMari method with help of The Tidy Moose, one must complete all 4 steps in the following order:

  • Clothing

  • Books & Papers

  • Komono (Miscellaneous)

  • Sentimental Items

Serving Toronto & the Globe
Not in Toronto?

If you are not located in Toronto, The Tidy Moose can still help! Be it by car, or plane, we can make it happen! Contact Ivanka for information on how to proceed with organizing your life by booking a tidy travel session.


Moose may not fit on an airplane, but Ivanka does...just barely! 

*Travel charges may apply

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