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5 Star Rating

"As a diplomat I move every two to three years. I often relish the opportunity to have a look at all my stuff equally as often, and try to sort out what I need and what I don't. But, nine moves in, now with two kids and a husband, things were just WAY out of control. Stuff was everywhere, two kids were running through it, I had a new job to adjust to, a new country to get to know, etc. I was at my wit's end.


Enter Ivanka to save the day! Knowing her reputation, I was more than happy to book her services and fly her down to help us. Within a week, I felt calm, in control of my stuff and myself. It wasn't just a matter or organizing or moving things around to look better. Ivanka had me "face" my stuff and really see how much there was, and how it had served me - whether in the cold of Kyiv, the rain of London or the heat of Baghdad. Now, with my home organized, free of the "extras" that were weighing us down, my family and I are free to enjoy our home and one another without the "noise" of unnecessary stuff in our way.


Thank you Ivanka! I can't recommend her strongly enough! Great with both adults and kids...she can help whether you are moving half way around the world, or staying put!"

 -Neo (U.S. Embassy - Barbados)

"Our children (ages 9, 7, & 4) finished Ivanka's online life-skills camp for kids today.

The kids loved it, and my wife and I were very impressed with how practical and engaging it was!


Best of all were the conversations it spurred between us and our kids. These are part of the better memories we shall cherish from this Covid crisis.


The end result (so far) is that our children are more motivated, empowered and excited to contribute to our home life and family. They help out with laundry folding, dish washing, take care of their own hygiene, tidy up, etc.


...ok, our youngest's dish-washing is “best effort” and often needs the Quality Assurance check, but practice makes perfect!

In short, THANK YOU for such a great series that has enabled our kids to grow in a way that school misses. I highly recommend this series.

All the best from us - your fans in Brooklyn!"

- Dan & Family (Brooklyn, NY)

"I was surprised at how decluttering helped me feel better all around! Ivanka at 'The Tidy Moose' came in and patiently helped me discard so much extra "stuff" and "noise" in my life. I felt not only satisfied that my closets were now organized, but I also felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. 


Also, having way fewer belongings has actually made my life easier. Getting dressed in the morning, or an event is a breeze because I actually know and respect what I have now. 




-Christine  (Toronto)

"I moved into my apartment and never finished unpacking.  I hid things in my closets instead of dealing with the stress of going through everything and putting it all away.  Having Ivanka come in and reorganize my life has been life changing.  I used to keep my closet doors closed and wear a limited amount of my clothing so that I wouldn’t  have to look at the disaster my closets had become. Since Ivanka used the Konmari method to organize me, I've been able to enjoy the clothing I have so much more.  The Konmari method of organizing really has brought joy and simplicity to my life. 

I recommend Ivanka and 'The Tidy Moose' for anyone who wants to simplify their life, or to anyone moving into a new place!"


-Lauren  (Toronto) 

"I'd be lying if I said this process was easy. To be honest, at first I felt really uncomfortable having a stranger come into my home and seeing me at my most vulnerable - I found it rather invasive. But Ivanka made me feel at ease, and wasn't judgmental of me at all. After I realized that she wasn't there to judge me, but to help me, the process became a lot easier. Never in a million years did I think my living space would look like this!

I strongly recommend 'The Tidy Moose' to anyone who needs motivation to change the way they live. Thank you, Ivanka!


-Kristy  (Toronto)

"Ivanka helped organize our house and our family's life. She explained the KonMari method thoroughly, prepared us for what to expect ahead of time, and patiently guided us through the steps. Best of all, Ivanka really takes pride in her work - she was a pleasure to have in our home, and the photos speak for themselves (the pantry was our greatest accomplishment). Who knew seven partially eaten bags of rice could take up so much space?"


-Peter (Toronto)

"While I consider myself to be fairly neat and tidy, I was intrigued by the popularity around the KonMari method. That said, I only had a chance to skim a few articles on it and wasn't able to find the time to read the book and apply the lessons to my life. So, when I heard about the service that Ivanka offers through 'The Tidy Moose,' I was thrilled.


I appreciated that she provided me with both a clear outline of how I should approach the questions she asked me to consider. This empowered me to feel as if co-led the process.


Throughout her customized service, Ivanka was professional, kind and efficient. Even before we started the on-site portion of the service, she outlined the main stages of her approach. This helped to put my mind at ease and leveled off my anxiety.

Looking back now, I have no doubt I made a great choice in helping to make my home a refuge and helping me to ensure I love what I choose to have in my life. I recommend her without hesitation."

-Andrew  (Toronto)

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